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Jaime Dibble
Jaime Dibble at the helm on the 2008 Audi Sydney to Goldcoast Race

Current City/HometownSydney
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club
Boats Sailed OnApocalypse
Elena Nova
Exile DK46
Exile Farr 40
Farr Out
Just a Dash
Pla Loma IV
Police Car
Salamander II
Satin Sheets
The Bird

Jaime Dibble

Jaime's Story

From Jaime:

I learnt to sail on a laser and in my late teens sailed my own Hobie 16 and 18.

When I was 15, I was a Tender Driver and Start Boat driver at MHYC with Steve Perks.

I have sailed may on many boats including:

* Adams 10 metre - The Bird and we were the winner of first gun boat trophy.

* 1975/76 - Salamander II, the Farr 1104 owned by Ken White

* 1977- 1979 - Satin Sheets, a Petersen 2 tonner with Michael Green

* 1980 - spent two years overseas sailing boats.

* 1983/4 - Farr Out owned by my father John Dibble.

* 1985 - Thirlmere owned by Simon Green.

* 1986- 1995

   * Paladin owned by Col Franklen, we were fourth overall and Division B winner in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 1986

   * Police Car - owned by Sir James Hardy

   * Apocalypse - a Lexen 50 owned by Barclay Wade.

1996 - 2008

   * Salamander - an Adams 10 and we won the 1996 Australian championships in the Eleven Metre one design at Pittwater

   * Pla Loma IV - a Mills 43owned by Rob Reynolds.

   * Exile- a DK 46, owned by Rob Reynolds.

2008- 2014

   * Quest - a TP 52 owned by Bob Steel.

   * Elena Nova - owned by Craig Neal

   * Exile Farr 40 owned by Rob Reynolds.

   * Just a Dash - owned by Phil Dash

Growing up and sailing with and against some amazing sailors made me a better sailor. This includes Steve White, Peter Ryan, Andrew Pearson, Graeme Ferguson, Greg Hyde, George Canfield,  Craig Nicholls and Roger Hickman. A highlight for me was sailing with three amazing women on Apocalypse - Julie Hodder, Susie Standard and Karen Ovari. Never did I see these girls take a step backwards.

What I loved about sailing was the excitement of the start, AND the beer after. Sailing with legends was also a bonus - Hugh Treharne, Gary Geitz were the nicest people.

But the camaraderie and bond you get when you sail offshore with people lasts forever. A good owner makes a happy boat. Some of the greatest I sailed with were Ken White, Simon Green, Rob Reynolds, Sir James Hardy, Bob Steel and Craig Neal.


Jaime Dibble sleeping peacefully on the 2008 Audi Sydney to Goldcoast Race
Pla Loma crew relating after 2008 SHR Race
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