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ClubBalmoral Moth Club461
ClubBotany Bay Yacht Club511
ClubCruising Yacht Club of Australia2 February 2016, 17:13782
ClubCruising Yacht Club of South Australia21 December 2015, 20:01541
ClubCruising Yacht Club of Victoria556
ClubDerwent Sailing Squadron426
ClubGladstone Yacht Club18 January 2021, 12:05158
ClubHobsons Bay Yacht Club485
ClubLake Macquarie Yacht Club21 December 2015, 20:06619
ClubLittle Ships Club15 September 2016, 15:02854
ClubManly 16ft Skiff Club22 September 2016, 14:06688
ClubManly Yacht Club7 March 2017, 0:441,743
ClubMH VJ Sailing Club455
ClubMiddle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club20 September 2016, 16:292,052
ClubMiddle Harbour Amateur Sailing Club20 September 2016, 16:411,104
ClubMiddle Harbour VJ Sailing Club20 April 2016, 12:20648
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club22 January 2018, 4:147,652
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club 1930s13 February 2016, 18:273,464
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club 1940s13 February 2016, 18:202,181
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club 1950s13 October 2016, 18:3518,984
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club 1960s22 September 2016, 14:186,966
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club 1970s15 February 2016, 19:445,866
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club 1980s16 June 2016, 15:57658
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club 1990s13 February 2016, 17:22618
ClubNorthbridge Sailing Club20 September 2016, 17:131,214
ClubPort Curtis Sailing Club18 January 2021, 12:0234
ClubQueensland Cruising Yacht Club19 April 2016, 13:06744
ClubRoyal Akarana Yacht Club456
ClubRoyal Australian Naval Association426
ClubRoyal Brighton Yacht Club5 February 2016, 13:43547
ClubRoyal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club430
ClubRoyal Melbourne Yacht Squadron429
ClubRoyal New Zealand Yacht Squadron494
ClubRoyal Ocean Racing Club481
ClubRoyal Port Nicholson Yacht Club430
ClubRoyal Prince Alfred Yacht Club584
ClubRoyal Prince Edward Yacht Club449
ClubRoyal South Australian Yacht Squadron407
ClubRoyal Sydney Yacht Squadron19 March 2017, 6:46594
ClubRoyal Yacht Club of Tasmania527
ClubRoyal Yacht Club of Victoria497
ClubSandringham Yacht Club5 February 2016, 13:45591
ClubSeaforth Moth Club490
ClubSouth of Perth Sailing Club6 January 2016, 17:29487
ClubSydney Amateur Sailing Club19 March 2017, 22:59794
ClubSydney Moth Sailing Club20 December 2015, 15:381,006
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