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There is a huge interest in the history of yachting around the world, however it is often very hard to find information online.

Some organisations/individuals have created Websites or Facebook sites to preserve this history. However, these are scattered and information is hard to search. They are also generally specific to an entity, but as we all know boats have different sailors on them and sailors sail on different boats and different events.

BoatGen (Boat Genealogy) is designed to become a one stop shop to record the ancestry of all sailing.

People and Clubs are generally very sentimental about their boating history. A lot of maritime history records are privately owned, mainly wasting away in scrap books and photo albums in people's cupboards and Yacht Clubs. BoatGen will enable you to scan your pictures/articles and record this history. Other people may want to view the information and add additional information or they may want to copy information and photos to their story.

Currently BoatGen can store the history of five different Page Types - Boats, Boat Classes, Clubs, Sailors and Major Events. It stores standard information, free-format details and pictures which can be "tagged".

The searchable features in BoatGen will allow you to quickly look up information in its database. You can search for a Page (eg Condor, Middle Harbour Yacht Club etc.) or you can search for any word in a Page (for example a boat or person you are looking for that has been included in an article that does not currently have a Page).

Getting started 

1. Search for a page by hovering over List All Pages or by entering the page name in Find a page on the right hand side. 

Currently there are 5 types of pages.

 * Boat pages - to record the history of your boat

 * Boat Type pages - records the details of boat types eg Endeavor, 18' skiff, Beneteau etc. You can record Boat types against Boat pages.

 * Club pages - records the history of boating clubs.

 * Major Events pages - records the history of major boating events eg Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

 * Person pages - to keep the boating memories of your ancestors and you alive for generations to come.

2. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can search all the words in the database by entering the details in Search Pages.


A draft help guide on how to create and update pages is also available upon request if you want to help your own pages.

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