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Vicki Willman

Other NameVictoria Sipajilo
Current City/HometownSydney
Boats Sailed OnBarbarian

Vicki Willman

                                                                                                                               Now Victoria Sipajilo 

CYCA Women in sailing

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Director, Janey Treleaven hosted an informal Q&A with Victoria Sipajilo, Wendy Tuck and Emma May delving into unchartered waters of what it is like sailing offshore for women.

The Q&A was held in the Sydney Race Village with audience members treated to numerous of tales about sailing offshore.

Victoria Sipajilo (nee Willman) was the skipper of the first all-female crew to sail the Sydney Hobart on Barbarian.

Sipajilo reminisced about gathering an all-female crew and spoke about how the sailing has evolved for the better to be exclusive of all demographics.

"I wanted to do a Sydney Hobart and was told that I would have to be a cook," Sipajilo said. "And I am not a very good cook so I thought 'buggar that' and decided to skipper my own boat."

CYCA Women in Sailing - Cruising Yacht Club of Australia

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