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Sydney 38
Rig TypeFractional Sloop
LOA3.53m, 11.6f
Draft0.8m, 2.65f

Sydney 38

Offering a fast, exciting and very easy to sail yacht, the Sydney 38 is designed for coastal and club racing as well as popular twilight sailing. With an appealing interior, the Sydney 38 also lends itself to corporate entertaining and weekend cruising. Benefiting from the extensive experience at Sydney Yachts, including the incredibly successful Sydney 41 and Admiral's Cup Sydney 40, this new design will be a very fast yacht for its size.

The Sydney Yachts philosophy that "Performance is more important than rating.  Speed is timeless, whilst rating is subject to change" will be no more apparent than in the new  Sydney 38 design. The Sydney 38 is orientated toward the IRC rule (formerly CHS) as well as class racing.

With impressive performance, the Sydney 38 will also compete favourably on the many race courses of the world with various handicap systems. The result of the design is a very stiff yacht with high righting moment and moderate sail area,  which carries all of its ballast in the keel rather than as internal ballast which previous designs have required.

 What is a Sydney 38


Length Overall:   11.6 metres (38' 6")

Draft:   2.65 metres (8' 8")

Beam on Deck:    3.75 metres (12' 4")

Displacement:    5,250 kg

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