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Nadia IV

Boat TypeFarr 40
Sail Number4040
ClubRoyal Sydney Yacht Squadron
LOA12.2m, 40.02f
Beam4m, 13.12f
Draught2.6m, 8.53f
Year Build1984 (age 38)
Owner (s)Teki Dalton
Designer (s)Bruce Farr

Nadia IV

1992 Hobart

From CYCA Program - 

Former CYCA Bluewater Champion, this yacht has been charted by the Women on Water (WoW) syndicate, headed by Kerry Goudge, and helped by experienced sailors Donna Sykes and Kathy Veel. These girls have been sailing together for quite some time, and should provide some good competition for Ella Bache, also sailing with an all girls crew. Nadia has not sailed to Hobart since 1990, when she finished 10th in Division.

Also on board were C Caffery, C Secula, L Eagle, W O'Neil

1993 Hobart

In 1993, Kerry Goudge chartered Nadia IV again. They found a sponsor and she was called Telecom Mobilenet. 

From the 1993 Sydney to Hobart Race Program: The girls are back again this year chartering the same yacht (Farr 40, Nadia IV) and giving their all for the sponsor.  Kerry Goudge and crew opened a few eyes last year when they finished 20th overall and 5th in Division with a crew who hadn't sailed together at all and little lead up time for training. This time there has been plenty of practice and they are out to improve on last year's performance.

On Board were: Kerry Goudge (5) (Skipper), Janet Torney, Cecilia Caffery (1), Anne Carr, Cathy Josling (2), Karen Ewels (1), Magda Kotecki (2), Julie Gribble, Bev Ryrie, Bridget Canhan, Wendy O'Neill (1), Anne Sherry, K Holtz

1994 Hobart

Again Kerry chartered Nadia IV, this time it was sponsored by Telecom Mobile Link

From the 1994 Sydney to Hobart Race Program: This race is the fourth Sydney-Hobart challenge by the Women on Water Association, and only the seventh time in the history of the race that an all female crew has raced. In last years gale force conditions they managed a 6th place overall under IOR and a fourth in division after going to the assistance of a yacht in trouble. They hope to improve their placings this year and the crew will remain virtually unchanged.

On board were: Kerry Goudge (6), Janet Torney (1), Bridget Canhan (1), Cecilia Caffery (2), Wendy O'Neill (2), Julie Gribble (1), Anne Carr (1), Karen Ewels (2), Cathy Josling (3), Magda Kotecki (3),  A Alyward (2), J Neary (1)

1995 Hobart

This year Kerry charted the Farr 40 Nadia IV and they have a new sponsor. She was called WOW Nortel

 From the 1995 Sydney to Hobart Race Program: Same boat but an entirely different crew for Kerry Goudge and Women on Water Syndicate competing in the fifth Sydney to Hobart. Best result was a 6th overall and fourth in division under IOR in the gale force conditions of '93. Last year saw them in 19th overall in division, and this year will see a lot of sponsorship support for a range of women's sailing activities, from coaching to sponsorship of races.

On board were: Kerry Goudge (7), B Higgs (4), V Strachan (1), N Scott, B Holt (3), S Hunt, M Taylor, M Dobson (1), K Loughan, G Ashley, T Hancock

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