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Little Ships Club

Short NameLSC
Physical Address1 Yabby Street, Dunwich, Qld 4183
Postal AddressBox 10, Dunwich, Qld 4183
Telephone Number07 3409 9022
Date Formed

Little Ships Club

From Website

The Little Ship Club is located on the waterfront of the picturesque One Mile anchorage at Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island. Our Club offers a warm welcome to Members and visitors, whether arriving by boat, water taxi, or by bus or car.

The Club is renowned for its diverse program of power cruising, fun races, special events, live entertainment, and music and food festivals which are held throughout the year. Check out the calendar on the Functions & events page of this site to find out more. 

Monthly Fishing Club competitions keep anglers and crabbers of all ages keen, and the internationally acclaimed Little Ship Game Fish Club tournament every February attracts enthusiasts from around Queensland, across Austalia and from overseas.

The Little Ship Club will celebrate its 65th anniversary in October 2016, commemorating more than half-a-century of service, from our NAP and RANVR origins and support of the coastal communities of Queensland to the postwar and, later, 20th and 21st century boating camaraderie of Moreton Bay.

It has been a remarkable journey, with a sparkling collection of tales which have been told in our first collected history: the book 'Blue Sky White Star' was published in 1986. On page 58 of that slim little illustrated hardback, the authors presciently observed that:

"This history will never be completed. In its present form, we have a beginning, a middle and a middle. The end is not yet in sight, and it is to be hoped that inanother thirty years, when someone decides to up-date this book to the year 2016 A.D., that they'll still be writing about the middle."

And here we are, those 30 years on, with that legacy rejuvenated and in hand, with an increasingly energised sub-committee of Board and Club Members determined to update, collate, collect and preserve our precious history for a revised second edition to be published later this year.

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