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Keith Jones
Deryn Glas on Sydney Harbour in 1966
Deryn Glas (Keith Jones) on Sydney Harbour in 1966

Date Born27 April 1929
Date of Death (if Applicable)2 December 2016
Current City/HometownSydney
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club
Boat Owner ofDeryn Glas
Deryn Gwyn

Keith Jones

Keith lived in Katoomba until the age of 8. When he came to live in Sydney, he could not even swim, but still had a great affinity to the water.

He started his water activities sailing with Bev Bashford (father of Ian Bashford) in canoes. But soon the boys put masts on the canoes and decked them with calico sails. Keith's canoe even had a centreboard. I asked Keith how he learnt to sail, and he replied "You learnt yourself, but Buster Brown and a few others were quite helpful on giving us tips".

Keith and his forehand Bev, next graduated to the VJ's at the Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club, sailing for a couple of seasons in a boat called Elf which leaked like a sieve. Keith's grandfather (Gordon) took pity on the boys and built a new VJ called Zip. He again sailed with Bev as his forward hand.

In his 20s, he bought a 16' Skiff called Monarch - it had a gold crown on the side. At the Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club, they were thrown in at the deep end racing against greats such as Buster Brown (Zest), John Raisonth and others? It took them a whole season before they got even a place and this was a 3rd. They sailed in the 16's for 4-5 years.

For a few years after that Keith stopped sailing to study for his medical degree, working in Melbourne and then becoming the first Haematology head at Royal North Shore Hospital.

His first forage into yachts was early in the 1960's when he crewed on Arthur Hayne's boat Viking. Arthur owned a timber company at the time.

In 1963, Keith built a Bluebird (Deryn Glas - meaning Bluebird from his Welsh background) in his front yard in Mosman. It is quite steep and the boys had to lift it down to the street in order for it to be launched. The boat was kept on a mooring in front of his house at Balmoral.

Deryn Glass was a remarkable boat which won the scratch Pointscore at Middle Harbour Yacht Club in the Bluebird Division for many years. They only lost one year by one point to John Conroy (Snr). Peter Cole designed and built the rigging which lasted many years before it broke in a storm. The Bluebird also had 2 backstays.

During his ownership of the Bluebird, Keith was the Divisional Representation of the Bluebirds at MHYC for about 8 years.

In 1979, Keith bought Deryn Gwyn as an empty steel hull. It was a good cruising boat for the family. His children were learning to sail at the time on dinghies. During the time they owned Deryn Gwyn, they took it on 4 trips up North. Helping them were famous MHYC members Gilbert Thomas (Tig), Martin Visser and Bill Lidich? (Boyna). He sold it about 4 years ago in 2012 to Jimmy ? and it went to Pittwater.

His son Gavin Jones was also a keen sailor and before concentrating on his career, won numerous titles.


Deryn Gwyn (Keith Jones)
Deryn Gwyn (Keith Jones)


Keith Jones

If everything is going your way - check you are going in the right direction.

Why is it that Wives don't seem to like boats - but every separated fellow has an attractive bird sailing with him?

The safest anchorages are where the sandflies are.

Parts of Moreton Bay are so shallow you could play tennis!

A long yacht cruise is a 'five-hat cruise' - during which you lose five hats.

Take in the laundry before they start burning the cane.

The worst day's sailing is better than the best day's Work.

Why do you use your foot to slow down the anchor chain? Because only a fool would use his hand!

God will not deduct from man's allotted span the time spent sailing.

Wear a day; air a day; Wear a day; wash!

First rule for a crisis: put the kettle on.

Where is that entrance? I can see it -- it's where the Waves are breaking!

I always travel at low tide. That way I often go aground but never get stranded!

I love fresh air, but I hate it moving this fast.

Avoiding death wasn't meant to be easy.

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