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Photo of Kaleena under sail
Photo of Kaleena under sail

Boat TypeTasman Seabird
Sail NumberMH22
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club
LOA11.2m, 36.74f
Beam2.8m, 9.18f
Draught1.4m, 4.59f
Year Build1958 (age 64)
Owner (s)Harry Tillinghast
Horrie Godden
Jean Godden
P Morgan
Tony Rigby
Designer (s)Alan Payne
Builder(s)Peter Kail
Ron Swanson
Former CrewFraser Jonston


KALEENA, owned by Horrie Godden, is a timber racing and cruising yacht built in Sydney NSW in 1958. She was the second Tasman Seabird to be build. Designed by Alan Payne and built built by Ron Swanson she took part in eight Sydney to Hobart yacht races from 1958 to 1968, coming second on handicap in 1960.

Kaleena in 20 Mar 2019 - Kaleena | Explore | Australian Register of Historic Vessels | Australian National Maritime Museum - Trove ( 


Letter from Jean Godden
Letter from Jean Godden
Kaleena Transformation Power Boat and Yachting October 1963
Kaleena - Picture from Australian National Maritime Museum


Kaleena Winner of the 1963 Montagu Is Race

Kaleena winner of 1963 Montagu Is Race Power Boat and Yacht 1963
Kaleena winner of 1963 Montagu Is Race Power Boat and Yacht 1963
Kaleena winner of 1963 Montagu Is Race Power Boat and Yacht 1963
Kaleena winner of 1963 Montagu Is Race Power Boat and Yacht 1963


The last year Kaleena was registered as a MHYC boat in the club's Annual General Reports as MH22 was in 1970 by H. E. Godden.

 In 1974, Kaleena was registered as 221, owned by H. A. Tillinghast (who was on Horrie's crew in the 1966 and 1968 Hobart races). The last annual report that recorded boats and members was in 1976 and she was still registered as a MHYC boat then. I have to go to the YC to find that Sailing Handbooks to look after that.

 I note that H. A. Tillinghast joined MHYC in 1963 and was still a member in 1976 - have to check sailing handbooks after that.

The YNSW Year books confirm that in 1972-72, she was owned by Horrie Godden's widow (Mrs J I Godden) and on the 1973-74 and the 1982-83 YNSW Year book she was owned by H Tillinghast. The 1982-83 started giving the Yacht Clubs and she was registered with BWCC (Blue Water Cruising Club) located in Pittwater (10 Eliva Ave, Newport). This club was registered in 1965 and in 1982-83, she had 37 Senior members and 37 Junior members.

In the 1987-88 Handbook, Harry Tillinghast was still listed as owner as he is today even though he died in 1983-84!. Interesting enough this Handbook has an article re rules around registering sail numbers and complaining that their database was inaccurate. The new owner had not updated the YA.

YA Yearbook 1972-73
YA Yearbook 1974-75
YA Yearbook 1982-83
YA Yearbook 1987-88


Kaleena entered in Aukland to Suva Race - Cruising Yachts (1 March 1969)


Kaleena sailed in Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race by skipper  A. Audsley. Also shows she came 3rd in the 1970 race, owned by H.E. Godden


From Trove 17 Jun 2005 -!OpenDocument - Trove (

Does anyone know of a yacht called Kaleena? Date: 12/13/2003

 I received this enquiry from sail-world regarding a yacht called Kaleena. If you have any info, please contact Di Pearson at

I am editor of and have had an enquiry re a yacht called Kaleena, last heard of in the Gosford area.  Wondered if you know her whereabouts.

The yacht was built around 1959, did around five Sydney-Hobart races, was owned by Harry Tillinghast of Pittwater, sold on his death in 1982 or 83 to his nurse who took the boat to Gosford or Saratoga.

Would appreciate any light you or your members may be able to shed.

Kind Regards,

Di Pearson

2010 Sydney Hobart Program

"The tradition of starting the race with the involvement of veteran past competitors is growing stronger.

This year we are marking the 50th anniversary of the 1960 event. Doug Paterson, a crew member of Siandra, the overall winner in 1960, will start the race this year. Alan Audsley, a representative of the yacht Kaleena which placed second, will fire the five minute warning signal. We have not managed to gain the acceptance of Malohi (3rd overall) so I have asked town other crew members from Kaleena, Graeme Burgess and Peter Kail, to be involved in the start. Graeme will be firing the 10-minute warning signal. In addition, Lurline Newland, widow of Graham Newland owner of Siandra in the 1960 event, will be part of the official party"

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