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Boat TypeThree Quarter Tonner
Sail NumberMH106
ClubMiddle Harbour Yacht Club
Year Build1980 (age 42)
Owner (s)John Walker
Designer (s)Doug Peterson
Builder(s)Doug Broker


John and his reliable Three Quarter Tonner, Impeccable, which describes John to a tee, was designed by Doug Peterson to the old IOR rule and built in Sydney by Doug Broker in 1980.

Construction: 3 skins cold laminated Doug Fir.

Racing History

No. 1 Offshore Middle Harbour Yacht Club

Gillawa Shield (MHYC Offshore Coastal Championship)

3rd - 1983/84, 85/86, 93/94

2nd - 1984/85, 91/92, 95/95, 98/99, 2002/03, 2005/06

1st- 1983/84, 86/87, 90/91


Kaleena Winner Trohpy - 1980/81

Janzoon Trophy - 1991/92

Ron Robertson Trophy 0 1996/97

Norman G Booth Trophy - 1982/83, 2005/06

Navigator's Trophy

Sydney Regatta 1995 - Overall champion

CYCA Racing

Blue Water Championship

3rd - 1982/83

2nd - 1991/92, 1993/94, 1994/95, 1995/96, 1999/2000


Sydney Hobart Yacht Races

3rd Division - 1991, 1996, 2002, 2003, 2006

2nd Division -1997

1st Division - 1986, 1993

4th Division D - 2008


2nd Overall- 1986

3rd Overall - 1993

5th Overall - 2006

After 25 Sydney to Hobart Yacht races, John retired from long ocean racing at the age of 86



1984 - 3rd Division

1992 - 3rd Division, 4th overall

2004 - 1st IMS overall, 1st IRC overall


Lord Howe Island

1996 - 3rd IMS overall

1999 - 3rd IMS overall

2004 - 1st IMS overall


Ocean Racing Veteran of the Year - John Walker

1994, 2003, 2004 and 2008

Articles and Pictures

1993 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race



This week we are featuring Impeccable, owned by veteran sailing legend John Walker. Combined age of crew and boat is 118 - a record that may only be beaten by another famous veteran of sailing Tig Thomas who we featured last month. We may have to do a month by month count back.

Impeccable is a Timber Cold Moulded yacht designed for John Walker by Doug Peterson to the IOR Rule. Built in Sydney by Doug Broker in 1980.

Impeccable has been raced successfully offshore at MHYC as well as CYCA, winning MHYC Gillawa Shield in 83/84, 86/87 and again in 1990/91. Impeccable and John were a member of MHYC team winning CYCA Commodore Cup in 1990/91, 91/92 & 92/93.

 John Walker has sailed Impeccable in 25 Hobart's, the best results being:

 - 1986 2nd Overall and 1st Div D on IOR

- 1993 3rd Overall and 1st Div B on IOR

- 2006 5th Overall on IRC and 3rd in Div E

Impeccable competed successfully in number of Mooloolaba and Lord Howe Island races winning both of them in 2004. Mooloolaba on IMS and IRC and Lord Howe Island on IMS against a field of around 20 boats.

The same year John was nominated for the 3rd time as Veteran Skipper of the year.

John retired from long Ocean racing at the age of 86 in 2008 after completing his 25th Hobart race all of them on Impeccable. John has attracted a long term dedicated crew. Leaving a lot of the deck work on long ocean races to his crew, John's secret weapon to his success is his navigating skills. His uncanny knack seems to be picking the right winds and current. This skill saw him winning the MHYC Navigator's award in 2009.

At present John Walker races Impeccable at MHYC in No 1 inshore division.

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