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Americas Cup 1977
ClubNew York Yacht Club

Americas Cup 1977

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The 1977 America's Cup was held in September 1977 at Newport, Rhode Island. The US defender, Courageous, skippered by Ted Turner, defeated the Australian challenger, Australia, skippered by Noel Robins, in a four-race sweep.[2] Courageous' greatest winning margin out of all four races was 2 minutes and 23 seconds.[2] It was the second unsuccessful challenge by Alan Bond

Courageous had beaten Lowell North's Enterprise and Ted Hood's Independence to become the defender. Australia had beaten FranceGretel II and Sverige to become the challenger.[4]

The Australian Challengers

Gretel II Challenge

Gretel II 1977 America's Cup Challenge
Our Big Hope for the Americas Cup

The following articles and Pictures are from the Rob Olgilvie Collection

Our Big Hope for the America's Cup by Bruce Stannard (The Sun)

THIS is Gretel II, the boat that came so close to winning the America's Cup in 1970 - the second-hand rose no one wanted in 1974, and the boat that may just win the cup in 1977.

GII may be seven years old, but she's no has-been.

After months of exhaustive trials on Sydney Harbour, even the most cynical armchair sailors concede this extraordinary boat has a magic quality - a rare combination of speed and grace that mark a great yacht.

In 1970, Gretel II became the first modern challenger to rock the 128-year-old cup on its pedestal in the New York Yacht Club when she won a race, came within an ace of winning another and was the victim of a sensational disqualification in a third.

Although she was then rated the fastest 12-metre yacht in the world, designer Alan Payne has now made her even faster by streamlining her wooden hull and giving her much more sail area than any of her rivals.

Her skipper, veteran international ocean racing helmsman Gordon Ingate, wants to retain the psychological ad-vantage of the under-dog.

But already cup defence camps on both the east and west coasts of America are talking about Gretel II as the boat to beat.


The most valuable guide so far to the boat's ability has come from Peter Cole, the quiet bearded, cigar smoking sailmaker who has been involved in each of Australia's five America's Cup bids.

He rates her "super competitive".

"I've never seen an America's Cup boat accelerate as fast as Gretel II," he said. "There's no doubt about it. We've got a really hot machine here."

Gretel II will be shipped from Sydney to New York on May 14 aboard the Farrell Lines containership Austral Endurance.

On the same ship will be the other Australian challenger, Australia, from the Sun City Yacht Club, just north of Perth.

Australia has sailed particularly fast in her Indian Ocean trials against the 1974 challenger Southern Cross.

The smart money is already starting to drift toward an all-Australian final in the challenge elimination races at the end of August.

The Australian yachts will face two other newly built challenge contenders -from France and Sweden.


All four will come together in Newport in July for what promises to be the toughest, most intensive build up to any 'challenge in the cup's history.

When the challenger is finally named - probably in the first week in September - the stage will be set for one of the world's great yachting duels.

The crew on Gretel II were:

Gordon Ingate (skipper)

Graeme Brown

Jack Christofferson

Peter Cole 

Joe Cooper,

Leone Cremer

Bill Dewar

Graeme Ewing

John Freedman

Geoff Gale

Bruce Gould

David Kellett

Dick Lawson

Gordon Marshall 

Graham Newland

Peter Nicholson

Robert Olgivie

Mark Ross

Other Pictures

Gretel II Crew
Gretel II Sydney 1977
Gretel II America's Cup Badge
Gretel II Crew Training
Crew for August 11 1977
Gretel II Surfs down the face of a big Pacific roller off Sydney Heads
Gretel II aluminium mast soars 90ft above the water
Gretel II about to pass through the shadow of the Harbour Bridge
The Cup challenger has amazed the experts by sailing at eight knots in a mere eight knot breeze

Invitations to events

23rd February 1977
12th August 1977
Social events at the Cup
September 16th 1977
20 Year Reunion

Challenger Series Results

YC d'Hyeres was the COR.  A total of five challenges were submitted; four clubs raced in the selection series. The Challenger of Record's yacht, Baron Bich's France, was eliminated in the semi-finals. 

Attached are the results of the races.
America's Cup Round Robin Races - Challenger Series
Race 1 Div 1: Sverige Vs Australia
Race 1 Div II: France Vs Gretel II
Race 2 Div 1 Sverige Vs Gretel II
Race 2 Div 2: Australia Vs France
Race 3 Div 1: Sverige Vs France
Race 3 Div II: Australia VS Gretel II
Race 4 Div 1: Gretel II Vs France
Race 4 Div 2: Australia Vs Sverige
Race 5 Div 1: Australia Vs France
Race 5 Div II: Gretel II Vs Serige
Race 6 Div 1: Australia Vs Gretel II
Race 6 Div 2: Sverige Vs France 1
Race 7 Div 1: France I Vs France II
Race 7 Div 2: Sverige Vs Australia
Race 8 Div 1: Australia Vs France 1
Semi Finals Race 2 Div 1: Australia Vs France I
Semi Finals Race 2 Div 2: Sverige Vs Gretel II
Semi Finals Race 3 Div 1: Sverige Vs Gretel II
Semi Finals Race 3 Div 2: Australia Vs France
Semi Finals Race 4 Div 1: Australia Vs France 1
Semi Finals Race 4 Div 2: Sverige Vs Gretel II
Gretel II Schedule
Gretel II Schedule
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