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Americas Cup 1970
Gretel II Crew in USA

LocationRhode Island
ClubNew York Yacht Club
Year Held From/To1970

Americas Cup 1970

The Australian Challenge

From The Album of Robert Ogilvie - crew member of Gretel II

Crew: Jim Hardy (Skipper), Martin Visser (Vice Captain), Bill Fesq (Nav), John Bertram, Robert Ogilvie, Alan Payne, Paul Salmon, Dave Forbes, John Freedman, Dick Lawson, Barry Russell, Chris Freer, John Jones and Mike Greenway, Ron Prestcott.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready for the Challenge

Additional Notes from Minutes of Meeting - Rob has all the minutes and they are very interesting, but too big to put here:

* "Bill Manning advised that we will have no computer for the series. Gordon Marshall is presently working on a programme for the HP97 calculator!

* They were given 3 shirts for the race and there was an embargo on swopping shirts.

* It was decided there there would be no curfew on drinking, but it was agreed "that we would use an approach of mature moderation to drinking".

*There were various interesting money making events, including an Art Union and even car stickers for $2 each.

* The crew did a lot of the work themselves!

* Pronunciation of Gretel II - "Crew are reminded that the name of the yacht is Gretel II, pronounced with the same 'e" sound as in 'grey'. The abbreviation GII is also acceptable".

* 12 Metre Sailing: Martin Visser and Mike York gave a general talk on 12 metre sailing. Some of the main points to come out of this discussion were:

    a) No talking on boat.

    b) Do not condemn the after-guard during training or racing.

    c) Read Steve Fondyke's article attached on spinnaker trimming.

    d) Don't touch anything on the boat unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Secrets of Gretel II: Rob Ogilvie Album
Naming of Gretel II - click to view crew names
The New Girl is a "Weirdie"
Telegrams to Rob Ogilvie
Telegrams to Rob Ogilvie
Gretel II Crew Chosen
Crew Named for Cup Yacht
Congratulations Rob Ogilvie
Congratulations Rob Ogilvie
France Tough Hurdle in Americas Cup - click for crew names
In Their Hands is our America's Cup Challenge - click to see crew
In Their Hands is our America's Cup Challenge
Invitation to America's Cup Challenge Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
Challenger Gretel Shows Good Style
Honorary Membership for Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
Crew Young But Experienced
Skipper Doubts Gretel's Cup Ability
Invitation for Farewell Gretel II
Cocktail Invitation
Big Spending French all out to Beat Gretel II
Bid to Boost Gretel II to Windward
Farewell for Gretel Crew
Crew Concerned for Cup Challenger
Crew Concerned for Cup Challenger
Gretel II Report
Gretel II Report
France and Australia in Battle to Decide
Gretel II Kicks her Heels
Gretel II's Promising First Trial
Gretel II Spreads her Wings
Gretel II's Mighty Mast
Gretel II's Mighty Mast
The New Gretel
Challenger's Stern
Gretel II Unusual Challenger
Gretel II Unusual Challenger
A Racing Thoroughbred is Born
New Gretel is Australia Cup Hope
Preparation for Race
Instruments on Gretel II
Instruments on Gretel II

Modern Boating 1970

Gretel II's Secrets Page 1
Gretel II's Secrets Page 2
Gretel II's Secrets Page 3
Gretel II's Secrets Page 4

Leaving for Newport

Members of Gretel II at Airport drinking a champagne toast to success: 

From Front left, they are co-skippers Jim Hardy and Martin Visser, the Luke Greenway and Ron Prescott in front of Rob Ogilvie, Dick Lawson and David Forbes, with Rys Jordon in the rear.

Toast to Success
Toast to Success as Mascot Airport
A Thundering Welcome for Australia
Gretel Crew Eager to Get Sailing
Americas Cup Hopes for the US
Gretel II Arrives Safe and Sound
Gretel Crew Gets Good Luck Gift

Getting Ready for the Challenge

Gretel II Offshore in Newport
12 Meters Out of Water for Weekend of Work: Newport Daily 14th August 1970
Newport Foxed by Gretel's new-look team: Daily Telegraph Monday 10th August
Australian Cup Yacht Damaged Part 1
Australian Cup Yacht Damaged - Part 2
Gretel II Repaired and nearly ready to sail. Picture of Alan Payne
Crew Like Way Gretel II Handles at Sea Part 1
Crew Like Way Gretel II Handles at Sea Part 2
Eagle Unfurls Wings
Bow Ripped in Collision
Gretel Crew Named for first match against France
Gretel II's crew Set to Hoist Sails: Sydney Morning Herald Tues 11th August
Gretel getting and extra Polish
Gretel II tuning up with the trial horse American Eagle
All Eyes on Gretel
Gretel II Crew "Tip top" for First Race Part 1
Gretel II Crew "Tip top" for First Race Part 2
Going Like the Wind Part 1
Going Like the Wind Part 2
Gretel 6/4 on to Win
Protests Hits at Cup Boat
Gretel Won't Drop Protest
Gretel II Sails in Storm Part 1
Gretel II Sails in Storm Part 2
Gretel II Skipper: Jim Hardy
Gretel II - The Challenger
Gretel II (top) and the chartered trial horse American Eagle in a workout on Rhode Island Sound
Gretel II wins the sail but loses the ale
Gretel Tosses American Boat

Where are they Staying at Partying

Where America's Cup Crew are Staying Part 1
Where America's Cup Crew are Staying Part 2
Robert Ogilvie relaxing at Chastellux
Relaxing at Chatellux
Front Lawn of Chastellux - Newport Harbour in background
Newport's Big Parties: Women's Weekly Page 1
Newport's Big Parties: Women's Weekly Page 1
The Baron Bich Gives a Cup Ball

Battle Against France

Gretel II wins the right to challenge for the cup winning four in a row against France.

Manoeuvres on the Cup Scene: Veteran at the Helm
Gretel all set for the French
French Choose Veteran
There she Goes to Victory Part 1
There she Goes to Victory Part 2
Gretel Crew Jubilant but Ready for Tough Trials
Race Against France
Gretel Wins a Thriller
Gretel wins a Thriller
Overboard: Daily Mirror Thurs 27th August 1970
Man Overboard: The Sun Thursday 27th August 1970
Man Overboard: The Sun Thursday 27th August 1970
"Napoleon" Bich out of Luck Again
Angry Baron tongue-lashes French Crew
Hardy's not Counting His Chickens too early
Gretel's Waiting on Wind
Australians Sweep Trials to Challenge for Cup: the Newport Daily News Saturday 19th August 1970
Whitewash: Sunday Telegraph Sunday 30th August 1970
Gretel says Adie France
Now for the Cup!
Contenders Meet the Press
Four in Row to Gretel: The Sun Saturday 29th August 1970
Nervous only when Facing a Blessed Egg
Gretel II Rubs it in: Daily Telegraph

Getting Ready for the Big Challenge

Its Big Daddy
Its Big Daddy Challenge
Invitation to Reception by Lord Mayor
Mast Moved to give Gretel More Speed: Daily Telegraph 31st August 1970
Aussies want Big Changes: 4th September 1970
Gretel Wins Part of Protest
Sir Frank Wins his Point
Gretel Win Scorned
How to keep on winning the America's Cup
Preparing for the Battle Ahead: Daily Telegraph: 9th Sept 1970
The Men of Gretel
Brownie wants and Aust. Victory
Crews Stand By for Action
Underdogs, but we'll do it - Gretel II Crew
US Skippers watch Gretel Closely
Rhode Island
Cheers, Regrets
Rising Expectations
Newport Daily News
Veteran Sailers Form Gretel's Crew
Gretel - she has a Show: The Sun 19th Sept 1970
It's Gretel Weather - if they start

The Americas Cup Reports

Intrepid (US) wins 4-1, surrounding a lot of contraversy.

Gretel Claim Fails
Overboard: The Herald 16th Sept 1970
US Destroyers and Coast Guard Boats patrol the America's Cup Course
Gretel to have Three At Helm
Visser will get Gretel Away
Missed the Boat (McMahon's bid to cheer Gretel
Delay Favours Intrepid
Fog Ends Second Cup Race: The Newport Daily News 19th Sept 1970
Gretel in Historic Cup Lead
Crewmen race to speed up Gretel: Sunday Telegraph 20th September 1970
Newport Rhone Island Postcard
Gretel Wins: The Sun 21st Sept 1970
Bubbly and they Danced: The Herald 21st Sept 1970
Repairs to the Bow
Gretel Wins: Daily Mirror 21st Sept 1970
Crew Signatures
Our Best Chance Yet: Daily Telegraph
Gretel, Winner or Loser? The Age 22nd Sept 1970
The Score in the America's Cup is now 2-nil: The Herald 22nd Sept 1970
The the Gretel Men Boil
Aussies Fighting Mad
Hick Town Decision: Daily Mirror 22nd Sept 1970
Judges Finding on Gretel
The Moment Before Collision: Daily Telegraph 22nd Sept 1970
The Gretel Photos tell: The Sun 22nd Sept 1970
Touch and Go ... The Su 22nd Sept 1970
Sooner Sails than Swords: Telegraph 24th Sept 1970
Sooner Sails than Swords: Telegraph 24th Sept 1970
Outraged Yanks on Gretel's Side Now
Intrepid Outsails Aussies for 3-to0 Lead: The Providence Journal 23 Sept 1970
Incredible, Fantastic ... But it Happened: Daily Mirrow 25th Sept 1970
Gretel's Sweet Revenge: 25th Sept 1970
Gretel Wins on Dramatic Surge Over Last 2 Miles: The Providence Journal 25th Sept 1970
Paul Salmon
It's Skipper Jim, dancing a Jig for Joy
Payne's Big Gamble Paid off
All Smiles to the Victor: Daily Telegraph 26th Sept 1970
US Throws out Protest: Sunday Telegraph 27th Sept 1970
It's a Yankee Dandy Diddle
Intrepid Retains Cup, 4-1: Daily News 29th Sept 1970
Expertise Won Intrepid Cup
Gretel Goes Down Fighting: 29th Sept 1970
The Boats Painting
Gretel II Crew
Rhode Island
Note from James Hardy

Sailing Instructions for the Americas Cup 

Invites to America Cup Events

Reception at The Colony House. Rob Ogilvie on the right and his friend Bonnie is in the middle

After the Cup

Note from James Hardy
The Boats Painting
Gretel Not to Challenge

A Funny thing Happened on the Way to the Challenge

A Melodrama created by Bill Barnett

Cover Information
The Balls of Jim Hardy
Gretel II
Life Presents a Dismal Picture
He was poor but he was Honest
Some Die of Winding Winches
Rule Australia - Pass Another Can
About the girls!
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