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Alby Burgin
Date Born1915
Date of Death (if Applicable)2007
Current City/HometownNewcastle
ClubLake Macquarie Yacht Club
Boat Owner ofRival
Boats Sailed OnAlstar
Boomerang of Belmont

Alby Burgin

From the Afloat Magazine January 2009

The following is produced from the Afloat Magazine January 2009

Sydney Hobart winning skippers of the '50s and '60s

Alby Burgin

Alby Burgin, who skippered his yacht Alstar in the 1999 Rolex Sydney Hobart at the age of 84, died in November, aged 92. He and co-owner Geoff Rundle won the Sydney Hobart with Rival in 1961. 

Born in Bolaroo in 1915, Burgin sailed in 32 Sydney Hobarts, his first aboard Defiance in 1955, his last in 1999 skippering his own yacht Alstar, the yacht in which he had circumnavigated Australia and sailed to Noumea double-handed. 

He also took line honours with Boomerang of Belmont in the 1976 Sydney Suva Race, having survived Cyclone Emily during the 1972 Brisbane Gladstone Race. During the 307 nautical mile race, Rival, an 11.6m sloop was rolled right over by a tremendous beam sea and dismasted. 

Burgin, who was on the helm, found himself in the water, well clear of the yacht when she righted herself, mastless. 

He was still wearing his safety harness, but the cleat to which his lifeline was attached had broken. Burgin swam back to the wallowing yacht, and as he was struggling aboard, the crew comedian yelled out to him, "What kept you?" 

Alby Burgin had been a long time member of the Lake Macquarie Yacht Club. Right to the end he was lending a hand at Sailability at Belmont 16 Footers, helping disabled children enjoy Lake Maquarie as much as he did, on a boat he had given to the program. 

His wife, Helen, died two years ago. He is survived by his two daughters Janice Worley and Eleanor Wilson.

Articles and Pictures


Famous Burgin Bacon Burger

By Captain Kapok

You have heard of Alby Burgin of Ocean Racing Fame

And of his Good Ship Rival that proudly bears his name

Well the tale I'm going to tell you I swear to you is true

Of the Biggest Bloody Sandwich that a bloke could ever chew


We were somewhere out from Surfers - 'Bout 30 miles from shore

In seas that looked like mountains, at 40 feet and more

I'd just had my fifteenth chunder when a head came from below

And said, "I'm 'bungin" on a bunga mate,

Could you give a feed a go?"


I'll admit to stomach weakness, but my constitutions fair

But this Cast Iron Bellied Burgin knew he had me by the hair

I'd been crook for 7 hours and wouldn't let it show

So I said, "You bet I'm hungry, I can give a feed a go!"


Well it wasn't many minutes and the smells began to rise

There was smells that smelled of bacon and one that smarts the eyes

There was one that smelled like urine and one that made me heave

And up HE came agrinnin' (and this you won't believe)

Held between his Greasy Fingers was a picture to behold

Four inches Thick of Blackened Bread with Lettuce Limp and Old

Tomato Sauce with Bacon Bits with Cheese and Eggs as well

And though I sat to Windward, I could barely stand the smell!


I said "OK I'll eat it if you give the thing a name"

But to tell them at the Inquest what I died of just the same

"Close your eyes", he said "and down it. You'll feel it hit the spot.

That the Famous Burgin Bacon Burger that you have got".


"It's an all-time cure of sickness if you're travellin' on a boat

The cheese will start dissolving and give your gut a coat.

The egg and bacon mixes and goes as hard as rock

And a chunder cannot shift it - it's solid as a Block

You'll find your tummy acid slowly eats the think away

It's a built-in sort of nourishment - you can live on it for days

So don't you knock my burger for when this voyage is done

You'll be healthy as a cricket and thankin' me my son!"


Well I've been home a fortnight and my Tummy's like a Rock

So the Missus rang this monin' for an appointment with the Doc

I think he'll have to Blast or Saw the Thing in Two

I hope he thinks of something to let the damn think through

It's the only way I'll lose it - I know it sure as day

'Cause the Burgin Bacon Buger Wont Come the Other Way.

From Marty Rijkuris via Facebook

Marty Rijkuris Great story. I like the one sailing on a multihull in a strong breeze and Alby pipped up with "I think its time to re..." as the bows buried and they turned turtle. Recovering in the water someone asked "What were you saying Alby?" to which he replied "to frigging late now"...
Another was on the Round Australia Race, with the engine on and charging the batteries, the crew pointed out it was in forward gear, to which Alby replied "Ya don't think I'd put it in reverse, would you" and latter took a penalty when they declared it...
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